Pastor MJ Bhaskar Rao, a faithful servant of God, never compromised on Christian convictions and values. Because of this he was deeply admired and loved by many more who experienced his wonderful nature and witnessed his righteous and ethical ways.

Having served in Wesley Institutions for more than 3 decades, he was always an active contributor to the church and shared its vision and mission. Following the call of God which came to him as a result of waiting on Him for a long time, he joined hands with a few of God’s faithful soldiers and started the Emmanuel House of Worship . His life has been an inspiration to thousands and a living example to so many who worked with him at close quarters.

One of the many ways in which his life was a testimony, is his giving. His generosity was not limited to money but also his time and words of wisdom, drawn out of his own experience. His affection was inviting and his transparency disarming. These two together, made his counsel effective in the lives he touched.

Pastor MJ Bhaskar Rao was also on the board of several far reaching and impactful organizations, lending them his leadership as they turned out leaders of the future.

His dear wife, Mrs Sunanda, is living in the US with the children. They are blessed with three sons – Sunil, Sumanth and Subodh and one daughter Esther. They are married and blessed with adorable children.

Through his hard work and stress on perfection that results from holiness, the church that started as a small group has now grown into one large family, with 7 branches at Secunderabad, Nacharam, Mallikarjunanagar, LB Nagar, ECIL , Begumpet and Kondapur.

As Emmanuel House of Worship grows from strength to strength, in numbers, reach, impact and qualitative change; it will be on the solid example and foundation set by Mr Bhaskar Rao, and with the blessings of the God whom we all worship along with the angels and elders, that we will continue on this road for God’s glory and His Kingdom.